Thanks to its structure and equipment, Tecnocad also offers a small series production service in addition to engineering development, prototyping and mould construction. The service includes the supply of different technology components: layered, molded, foamed, processed metals, craftsman type processing, upholstering by hand, brushed elements, and naturally assemblies, finishes and dimension tests.

Quality and attention to details as a production philosophy

Tecnocad’s showcase was the production and supply of all the interiors (dashboard and finishings) of the Alfa 8C Competizione and 8C Spider, with components in carbon, brushed aluminum and upholstery in leather. A great example of “Made in Italy”. Our small scale productions and assemblies, performed with extreme care, offer our products an impeccable result in terms of esthetics and quality.

Milled components production

Moulded components production

Foamed components production

Foamed components with leather upholstering

Thermoplastic components production