Despite the excellent and increasingly real results of virtual simulation systems, the need to build physical models and prototypes plays a determinant role for the successful outcome of a product and for achieving maximum product quality. Tecnocad offers a complete and integrated service in this field which includes definition with the Customer of the prototype characteristics, production materials and methods, creation and assembly of static and/or operating prototypes using the most cutting edge fast prototyping techniques, layering, forming, vacuum or low pressure molding and mechanical processing.

Additive manufacturing and the best technologies to realize your idea

The production of prototypes and/or prototype components is performed as a service for our Customers and as a support aimed at robust design for our in-house engineering teams during development and innovation activities. Thanks to the 3D printing service Tecncoad is able to realize rapid prototypes guiding its customers in the choice of the most suitable technologies and materials for the project needs; this allows to carry out design analysis, functionality and assembly verifications even in preliminary development phases without the need to build specific equipment. Our organization and operating structure have been designed to maintain 100% confidentiality of the data and prototypes entrusted to us by creating dedicated areas for each Customer and adopting the strictest prevention measures and techniques for sensitive material protection and management.

Rapid prototyping

Model manufacturing for project validation and physical test

Model manufacturing for assembling checks

Manufacturing and assembly of prototypes

Milled components production

Moulded components production

Glassfiber components production