With the aim of a complete and integrated development service, Tecnocad has created a specialized team in the quality field based on Craftsmanship and GD&T (ISO and ASME standards). In-depth knowledge of vehicle architecture, gained over the years, has let Tecnocad bring added value to Craftsmanship activity, mediating between optimization of assembly cycles and esthetic quality of fittings. All of this to obtain: the best results in terms of production quality, significant reduction in engineering costs and optimization of processes and production costs.

Quality is a value if directly transmitted to the Customer

With input from craftsmanship, the Tecnocad team dedicated to GD&T activity defines: the RPS strategy for best meeting the input assembly cycles, references of every single component, production processes to optimize costs and the quality result, the various tolerance chains in order to be able to validate the production processes and fittings and identifies the tolerance values necessary for assessing the assemblies and fittings. To complete the support for the production process, Tecnocad supplies engineering, construction and testing of control calipers with relative measurement and component validation.


BO definition


Gap & Flush drawings

Control plan

RSS stack

RPS strategy