With a team of more than 200 engineers, Tecnocad is able to offer its Customers a complete engineering assistance through the development of the following phases: cost engineering, package set-up, macro-feasibility, complete feasibility, CAD 3D modeling, GD&T and Craftsmanship, FMEA, virtual analyses, prototype construction, project and performance (weights, costs and testing) management.

We don't sell engineering services, we offer solutions

Equipped with the expertise and cutting edge hardware and software instruments to develop the complete vehicle, Tecnocad’s structure is also flexible in order to efficiently work on even a single subsystem or component. Our R&D department is constantly enhancing its expertise through research and development on innovation projects including: reduction of weights and consumption, application of new materials, safety and sustainable mobility and autonomous driving. The in-house organization and operating structure have been designed to maintain 100% confidentiality of data and activities by dedicating reserved and segregated areas for each Customer and adopting the strictest sensitive material protection and management standards.



Homologation checks



3D CAD development

2D drawing