The virtual simulation instruments and methods used at TECNOCAD currently make it possible to predict the behavior of single components and the complete vehicle with increasing reliability. Our engineers use computer-aided-engineering (CAE) right from the initial project phases which makes it possible to obtain priceless information for developing components that meet increasingly ambitious behavior requirements. FINITE ELEMENT analysis associated with a correct correlation with test results, now allows us to significantly reduce the time and costs of the prototyping and testing phases as well as any resulting modifications. This means we are able to meet Customer requests to accelerate and shorten the time to market.

Evaluating performance is essential to optimize and approve a good product

Our aim is to assist our Customers in building better and better performing products in terms of weight, reliability, safety, comfort and efficiency. We are able to do this thanks to the use of CAE instruments, but even more importantly due to the experience that our virtual validation teams have gained over the years letting them promptly decide on each developed component.

Structural analysis


Crash analysis

Passive safety analysis

Weights optimization

Stamping simulation

CFD analysis

Painting simulation

Squeak and rattle

Thermal analysis

Injection Mold flow

Foaming Mold flow