Icona Nucleus World Premiere

The Geneva Motor Show has just finished its 88th edition. On this occasion, Icona presented his idea of ​​the car of the future with a human-centered mindset: a fully autonomous driving level five, no steering wheel or dashboard, a real self-moving executive lounge. This is Icona Nucleus.

The body side is characterized by long elegant sculpting which emphasizes the luxury nature of the vehicle. Being fully autonomous, there is no side glass in the traditional sense, rather semi-transparent bodycolor panels that allow the occupants to see out from the vehicle but remain shrouded for privacy while traveling. Just one large entry is granted, to the right, on the safe side.

The Nucleus can easily accommodate six people. Seats can be adjusted to different use, rotating to face the desk or the rear passengers in the front, strongly reclining to the rear and even transforming into a couch on center. A small table and all necessary spaces and connections for a laptop are available, as well as a wet bar so that even the shortest trip can be effectively used for business or leisure.

Being a large luxury car, the inspiration of Nucleus has come as much from the Concorde airplane as from a yacht. A gliding speed form that travels elegantly through the landscapes of cities and countryside.

Posted on Tuesday, 20 March 2018