Lightweight crossbeam

FIELD OF APPLICATION: this innovation concerns car interiors, in particular the instrument panel crossbeam.

STATE OF THE ART AND CONTEXT: the automotive sector is constantly looking for solutions to reduce weight, with a direct impact on polluting emissions. The integration between the different functions of the vehicle, or its sub-assemblies, is one of these solutions.

The dashboard module (called cockpit) is an important subset that groups functions often considered independent.

Tecnocad, through its global cockpit knowledge, has worked on the integration of functions such as:

  • Steering columns
  • Climate group
  • air bag module

DESCRIPTION: the new architecture, developed on the basis of an existing cockpit, has allowed the development of a dashboard crossbar with a reduced weight of about 40% with the same performance as the current production component.


  • Cockpit
  • Weight reduction
  • Crossbeam