Door with switchable opening configuration

FIELD OF APPLICATION: the invention relates to the doors for motor vehicles, particularly a door with a "gull wing" opening mechanism.

STATE OF THE ART AND CONTEXT: the doors with gull-wing opening are one of the distinguishing marks thanks to which some cars have entered the history. However, although very elegant and extremely appreciated from the stylistic point of view, the gull-wing doors have an undoubted drawback, namely the need for ample space to maneuver to avoid the impact with adjacent obstacles, for example vechicle parked alongside.

DESCRIPTION: the doors are equipped with proximity sensors that allow the opening of gull wings only in case a distance that exceeds the minimum distance required is detected to allow the movement of the door, otherwise the door will open with the system called "book". Te sensor also facilitates the opening and closing by occupants.


locking device configured for, alternatively, enabling and disabling the opening with gabble or book wings.